Sun Valley Update: Sloshed Rupert Murdoch Loses Wedding Ring

From Silicon Alley Insider: You want the sober, serious news from Sun Valley? Check here, or here – there’s some interesting stuff about Eric Schmidt and YouTube and Yahoo. You want the awesome stuff? Check out Reuters’ MediaFile blog, where the uptight wire service lets its freak flag fly, just a little bit. Just enough for reports like this one from Ken Li:

Attention media reporters: Rupert Murdoch, probably the most important man on your beat, has lost his wedding ring. Last seen in the Sun Valley Lodge lobby.

Murdoch stumbled out of the Lodge bar on Thursday around midnight, where a ridiculously high-powered assemblage of media and tech moguls got sloshed. Instead of making a bee-line for the exit as most of the guests were doing, Murdoch, married to third wife Wendi Deng, was spotted hunting around the lobby. He told us he he had lost his wedding ring.

So began a frantic 15-minute scramble among reporters hungry to please the mogul (me included), hoping to recover the ring and land an exclusive interview. No such luck. Still missing.

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