Brexit support is massively ahead in the latest poll

The support for a Brexit — Britain leaving the European Union — just scored a massive lead in the latest poll.

According to an online survey taken by polling group Opinium for the Observer newspaper, support for a Brexit is at 43% — a while four percentage points ahead of those who support staying within the 28 nation bloc.

The poll had 1,966 adult respondents. 18% said they were undecided.

Britons get to vote in the EU referendum on June 23 this year. Judging by the Observer’s online poll, there is a huge discrepancy over which age brackets are for leaving the EU.

The results show that those aged 55 years old and over were more in favour of a Brexit with 54%, compared to 30% which wanted to remain part of the EU.

Those aged between 35 and 54 were also more in favour of a Brexit with 42%, compared with 38% which are against leaving.

But it was the younger generation — those aged between 18 and 34 — that proved to be the most in favour of staying within the EU with 53%, compared with just 29% opting to leave the EU.

However, while the polls are interesting in potentially gaining a snapshot into how people are going to vote later this year, Business Insider pointed out this week that these types of polls are potentially pointless.

Basically, not all polls related to the EU referendum are conducted in the same way and therefore will not be able to carry out accurate readings.

This includes the discrepancy in phone and online polling — Phone polling gives the “remain” camp a lead in the polls compared to online polls — and also how the question is phrased makes a massive difference to responses.

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