Latenight Hosts Return; Strike Solved In February?

Conventional wisdom is that the writers strike will drag on indefinitely, since the two sides remain far apart and are no longer even talking to each other. But we think a resolution is not far off: If history is any guide, expect to see this thing resolved within the next six weeks.

Why? Because the last writer’s strike, which stretched for 22 weeks in 1988, wrapped up a month after David Letterman came back to work: Dave started doing his show June 28, and the strike was settled August 7.

Now Dave (along with Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno) is shooting for a Jan. 2nd return to the air. The one difference between this strike and the 1988: This time Letterman should have his writers working for him (if he indeed reaches an interim deal with the WGA). Which means we won’t see monologues like ones we saw 20 years ago:”‘We have nothing to do, the writers aren’t here, so a guy’s gonna come in and shave me,” he said in one opening monologue, “55 minutes, ladies and gentlemen, 55 minutes to go.”

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