Leno, Fallon, Letterman, Kimmel And O'Brien React To 'Tonight Show' News In Monologues

Jimmy Fallon Jay Leno‘I just have one request for Jimmy: we’ve all fought, kicked, and scratched, to get this network up to 5th place, now we have to keep it there! ‘

On Wednesday, NBC finally confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Jay Leno come February 2014.

The news wasn’t shocking considering all of the recent speculation (and viral videos) in the media, but what was surprising was how well Leno handled the news.

“There really aren’t any complications like there were the last time,” Leno told the New York Times following NBC’s announcement. “This time it feels right.”

Leno wasn’t quite as kind during Wednesday night’s monologue, while his late-night colleagues used their monologues to make fun of Leno and NBC’s mishandled “Tonight Show” takeover.

Jay Leno used his monologue to congratulate Jimmy Fallon and slam David Letterman.

After news broke Wednesday that Jay Leno will be handing over the 'Tonight' show to Jimmy Fallon, Leno started the night's monologue by taking a jab at another rival: 'Folks, I got to be honest with you, I had a really awkward day today. I had to call David Letterman and tell him he didn't get the 'Tonight Show' again. Awful! Terrible!'

He had kinder words for his successor.

'I want to congratulate our good friend Jimmy Fallon! He is a hell of a guy, he's going to do a great job. I just have one request for Jimmy: we've all fought, kicked, and scratched, to get this network up to 5th place, now we have to keep it there! Jimmy, don't let it slip into 6th! We are counting on you!'

He jokingly continued, 'Things move so quickly; Jimmy hasn't even taken over yet and the rumours have already starting… like NBC says in five years they plan to replace Jimmy with Justin Bieber.'

But all's well that ends well, as Leno joked, 'Today I accepted a new position; I am going to be the head basketball coach at Rutgers University! Thank you very much!'

David Letterman both made fun of and congratulated Jay Leno.

Jimmy Fallon graciously thanked his show's crew and Jay Leno.

Conan O'Brien had kind words for Jimmy Fallon, but made no mention of Leno.

See who else has taken jabs at Jay ...

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