This App Will Hide Your New Passwords From Heartbleed

LastPass is a fantastic app that can help ease your mind about Heartbleed, the terrifying security bug that has left a third of the app open to attack.

You can use the program to create one centralized password for all your accounts and even generate randomised passwords so you don’t get stuck using the same login for everything you do online.

It’s a really good idea to change your passwords now, just in case they were exposed by Heartbleed.

To get started with LastPass, head to its site now. Then follow our walkthrough of the app below.

Go to the LastPass website. Click Download Free.

This screen should appear on your computer.

If you're new to LastPass, you need to create a new account.

Put in all your important information and agree to the terms of service.

Your web browser will shut down while setting up.

Once the set up process is done, you'll see this icon in the right corner. Enter Sign In.

Enter your email and password to access the desktop site.

This is the main page of the app is called The Vault. It becomes the hub for you to customise your preferences within LastPass. It also stores all your passwords.

Go back to the main website and go to Available Downloads. You have to be a premium account user to use the smartphone or tablet app. It costs $US12 per year.

Set up your premium account and download the app from your phone or tablet's app store.

Once you finish that set up process, here's the main page of the app for iPhone. Sign in with the credentials you created earlier.

If you select yes on this screen, you'll lower your chances of a safe browsing session. In theory, you should log in every time you launch the app to reduce the chances of someone getting access to all your passwords.

The main page of the app looks just like the desktop.

You can use the app as a mobile search engine. Tap the bar at the top to look for a website.

Tap the asterisk on the main screen to view the main menu. All of these options will let you save important information to be remembered for later.

Go to 'Add site.' This option lets you save web addresses that need to remember log in information.

Let's make a new password for an account. LastPass will generate a random password, which will make it harder for hackers to guess what it is.

Move the slider all the way over to the right to make a really tough password. Then enter the address for the website the password will belong to. Tap Save at the bottom.

Now for the bummer. You have to enter every account you want saved manually at first. For new accounts, the password you generated can be copied into the 'Password' section.

Tap 'Require Password' so you're prompted to enter your LastPass password every time you login. This makes sure you only have to remember one main password for all your accounts.

We set up our Twitter login information in LastPass. Let's try it out.

The sign in screen will be blank.

Swipe over to the right and click Autofill.

Pick the information you saved for your Twitter account.

You'll be asked for your master password you created before.

You'll be signed into Twitter. You'll have to follow this process for each account. You'll never have to worry about forgetting your password again.

When you log out of the app, you have to re-enter your info. Keep switching between the desktop and mobile app to alter settings.

The process is much easier for desktop. Let's try it with Gmail.

Type in your password. You'll see an asterisk at the end of the bar. Click 'Save Site' and LastPass will store your password. You'll have to do this for all your logins.

You'll immediately be able to access your account the next time you sign in.

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