Woman at the center of the 50 Cent sex tape trial claims his lawyers spent outrageous cash

A woman who sued the rapper Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) for posting a sex tape of her on the internet is claiming lawyers for the now-bankrupt rapper spent lavishly during the civil trial that she ultimately won.

Lastonia Leviston — who has a child with the rapper’s rival Rick Ross — filed an objection in bankruptcy court to fees sought by Jackson law firm Brewer, Attorneys, & Counselors — including more than $57,000 on lavish hotels.

Last July, a jury ordered Jackson to pay Leviston $5 million for invading her privacy when he posted the sex tape without her permission.

The rapper has yet to pay that money because he filed for bankruptcy shortly after the judgment, and now Leviston’s lawyers are objecting to the attorney fees in an apparent attempt to get Jackson to pay her first.

In the objection, Leviston’s lawyers assert that, “A significant portion of the expenses sought by the Brewer Firm in the Expense Application for hotel stays, court reporter fees, travel and legal research are extravagant, excessive and unreasonable.”

Bankruptcy 50 CentJefferson Siegel/New York Daily News/POOLCurtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 in New York to testify in a lawsuit about a sex tape he allegedly posted online.

Jackson’s lawyers from Brewer Attorneys spent $57,241.76 on hotels alone, according to the objection. The lawyers chose posh settings like The Benjamin, and the Loews Regency, where rooms can cost upwards of $1,000 per night, according to the filing.

Also in question are $26,890.90 in court reporter fees, $14,800.66 in legal research, and $4,186.94 in travel expenses.

Leviston’s lawyers said they spent under $3,000 preparing for the same trial.

“We believe all of the firm’s expenses were appropriate, and we are prepared to demonstrate that to the court,” says William A. Brewer III, partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors, in an emailed statement. “We are confident the court will conclude these expenses were reasonable.”

These new developments come on the heels of a bad few months for the Queens, New York-born rapper of “In Da Club” fame.

Jackson filed for bankruptcy this past summer, after a series of high-profile lawsuits. He also owes more than $16 million to Sleek Audio, a headphones manufacturer, after a botched business partnership.

Leviston’s lawyers have argued that Jackson filed for bankruptcy just to avoid paying his legal judgment.

h/t The New York Daily News

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