Lloyd Blankfein And Former Governor David Paterson Debate Who People Hate The Most

blankfein paterson

Last night Lloyd Blankfein and former New York governor David Paterson got into a debate about which one of them was more abhorred by the public.

We wish we had been there.

The pair were attending the annual benefit dinner for the Bed-Stuy Restoration Corporation, where Blankfein was the recipient of the non-profit’s annual Founders Award, Dealbook reports.

Apparently, “during a lull in the cocktail hour, [Lloyd] and the former governor were spotted arguing over who was more unpopular among the general public,” Dealbook said.

“I told Lloyd, ‘You’ve been kicked around more than anyone!’ ” Mr. Paterson later recalled. “And here I thought I was No. 1.””

Also representing Wall Street at the event, the CEO of Amex, Ken Chenault (who told Dealbook, “Lloyd has never lost perspective on who he is and where he came from”) and David Offensend, the co-founder of Evercore.

Lloyd grew up in a project in East New York. Goldman’s Urban Investments Group financed a mixed-income housing project in Bed-Stuy last year.

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