Here's what to do if you forgot to make a Valentine's Day dinner reservation

Uh oh. Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and you totally dropped the ball. Don’t even bother calling for a dinner reservation because every place in town is booked up.

But fear not: with a bit of creativity, and a lot of conviction, you can still save the day.

For inspiration, we came up with 10 emergency Valentine’s Day backup plans. Good luck.

Hire a private chef.

If you'd rather stay in (but not look cheap), try renting a private chef for the night. Download the Kitchensurfing app and find local professional chefs around the country. In New York, you can order a Valentine's Day brunch or dinner for $US150.

Here are some other NYC-based options:

Try your luck at a restaurant that accepts walk-ins.

This is always a risky bet, but if you're smart, and you pick a lesser known (but top-notch) spot, you just might get lucky. Here are some ideas in NYC:

Get dinner sent to your home.

Maybe you're not so bad in the kitchen. You don't need to go all out with a private chef, but you also don't have time to stop by the grocery store and plan out a full dinner.

Use Plated to order a pre-planned meal to your home with all the right ingredients for every course. All you have to do is cook it.

Price: $US12/plate (but you have to order on Friday, Feb. 13!)

Rent a limo for the day.

Valentine's Day is a Saturday this year. That means you may be planning a full day of activities.

Plan a classic Valentine's Day (combine a couple of our suggestions and throw in a walk in the park) -- but up the ante by ferrying your date around in a limo all day. Use, GroundLink, or Uber to book a car.

Prices vary ($US300+).

Fly a plane together or take a helicopter tour.

Maybe you're the flashier type. Take this Valentine's Day to the next level with helicopter tour of New York City -- or a personal flight where you even get to try your hand at flying the plane.

Book with Viator ($US260 for a helicopter tour) or Experience Days ($US237 for a helicopter tour; $US605 to follow it up with a dinner cruise). Both companies have other tour options around the country.

Don't forget about Valentine's gifts...

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