From Masterclass to a wine club, here's a list of last-minute Mother's Day gifts that don't rely on Australia Post

Sort some delivery for your mum this Mother’s Day.

If you’ve missed the Australia Post cut-off to ensure your mum got her Mother’s Day gift in time, fear not, we have some ideas so you can still look like the golden child next Sunday.

You can lean into the huge diversity of online gifts available and have something picked and ready to email across on May 9. There are also some options with quick delivery, so that you can just send her a simple bottle of wine to enjoy on the day.


Masterclass lets you learn lessons from experts in a variety of fields from the comfort of your home. Whether your mum wants to get leadership and creativity tips from Vogue’s Creative Director, Anna Wintour, brush up on those cooking skills with chef Gordon Ramsay or learn how to write her first novel with tips from author Dan Brown, Masterclass has sourced the best in the business to teach her their ways.

A MasterClass annual membership is currently priced at $280 which works out at $23.33 a month.

You can sign up here for a Masterclass membership or buy a single course.

Amazon Music

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If your mum loves listening to music but doesn’t have somewhere to house all her playlists and discover new songs, Amazon Music has her covered. She can listen to thousands of stations and top playlists which will keep her happy for hours on end.

The best part is, Amazon Music is included for free with all Amazon Prime memberships (which means you’re essentially getting multiple gifts in one). It’s just $6.99 a month to join and you get a 30 day free trial, so you can always cancel if it turns out she isn’t a fan. She’ll also enjoy fast and free delivery on selected Amazon products as part of her membership too.

Visit Amazon Music to get her in the groove.

Uber Eats

If your mum isn’t on Uber Eats yet, now would be a good time to get her acquainted and let her skip dinner duty for a few evenings. You could order her a delish brunch or treat her to an extravagant dinner courtesy of Uber.

Visit Uber Eats for more ideas and buy your mum a meal.


There are flowers, and then there are flowers with sass. We know the sort you’d prefer to give your mum this Mother’s Day. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, you can pick a bunch of flowers in a jar with sayings stuck on them such as “Sending LVLY Vibes”, “You LVLY F*cker” or a more tame, “You LVLY thing”.

The great thing about LVLY? Same-day delivery. I’d still order a few days in advance to escape the Mother’s Day rush, but the option is there.

Head to LVLY to check out their range that starts from $59.

Airbnb Experience

Airbnb Experiences are the new way to experience the best of the globe from the comfort of your home. The platform lets you sign up to pretty amazing classes half-way around the world and learn something new. Your mum can travel around Paris digitally with a tour guide, take a flamenco lesson direct from Spain or get involved in ricotta cheesemaking in Sonoma all live from her home.

It’s pretty neat and there are more classes popping up every day. Just be sure to check the timing of them, so that you don’t get caught with a 2am wake-up Australian time.

Visit Airbnb Experiences for your choice of classes.


If your mum is into some throwback Disney movies or all things Star Wars, a Disney Plus subscription is a pretty epic gift. For $119.99 a year, it will provide something a little different to the Foxtel subscription and you can join her for a rewatch of the Lion King. The service has a huge amount of hype, so if your mum likes to stay on top of the latest trend, this could be for her.

Sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription at Disney Plus.


For a mum that is always on the go, audible can be a true asset. The audiobook program from Amazon lets you listen to your favourite book in audio format without sitting down with your paperback. All the latest books are on there, with many narrated by their famous authors – such as Malcolm Turnbull, Michelle Obama or Celeste Barber. There’s also a great selection of original podcasts.

If your mum has been dabbling in audio, now is the time to get her over the line.

Audible is free for 30 days and then $16.45 a month. Sign your mum up here.

Hello Fresh

If your mum is into cooking, a Hello Fresh subscription is a fun way to explore new recipes while taking the heavy lifting out of cooking an evening meal. You sign up to the service and a box arrives at your door with all the ingredients you need to cook the recipes inside. Making dinner has truly never been easier (or more delicious). Exact pricing will depend on which plan you choose but it works out to be more affordable than hitting the supermarket every second day.

Visit Hello Fresh for all the plans and more details.


Photo: Vinomofo/ supplied.

Everyone wishes that someone else would sign them up for a wine club, and here’s your chance. Rather than skimping on a bottle of wine, sign you mum up for a life of good wine from the folks at Vinomofo. It’s a pretty decent set up, with no lock-in contracts, a choice of how often you want your mum’s wine delivered (to time it with your visits, of course) and a selection of some fine bottles.

The wine club memberships start at $139 a month for 12 bottles, but there’s other options to choose from.

Head over to Vinomofo to sign your mum up.

Jimmy Brings

If your mum is more of a need-it-now girl and lives in an Australian city, then the alcohol delivery company, Jimmy Brings, will sort her out with a bottle of her favourite drop ASAP. Pick a bottle from a selection of red, white and sparkling wine and she will have it in her hands in 30 minutes. How’s that for last minute?

Grab your mum a bottle on Sunday.

Adore Beauty

Okay, so we snuck this one in as it does rely on Australia Post, but if your mum can hold on for any delays, there are some solid products to get rid of her isolation skin before we emerge from our homes. The Australian beauty site has face creams, hair gadgets, scents and a range of other beauty goods to smother all over yourself. So if your mum is into that kinda stuff, there’s a huge selection to choose from.

Check out Adore Beauty for a huge range of products.

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