CBS Films Pranks And Terrifies Consumers To Get Them To Buy Movie Tickets

In an odd twist of movie marketing, CBS films thought that the best way to get an audience into theatres for “The Last Exorcism Part II” was to absolutely terrify a group of unsuspecting ladies at a beauty salon.

“I know I’m not tripping,” says a lady getting her hair done when she sees a possessed-looking face in the adjacent mirror.

Terrifying consumers and taping their ridiculous reactions has become the new norm of guerrilla marketing. Heineken played bizarre mind games with potential interns (and most of them didn’t even get a job out of it!), and Nivea tried to get random strangers so worried that they were wanted by the police that they’d need to use the company’s deodorant.

Let us know if you think this strategy amuses or crosses the line.

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