Europe Is Scared The US Will Screw Up The Copenhagen Meeting


Europe is worried that the United States will sink any hopes of an international agreement for carbon reduction, The Guardian reports.

With cap and trade a toxic issue in the United States, Europe has every right to be worried that the US won’t jump on board for an international agreement.

A split has emerged between the European and the US factions over the best way to count carbon emissions. The US wants a system that would allow the international treaty to be under the control of domestic law.

Europe feels that lenient laws dictated by domestic policy would create loopholes that allow countries to meet emissions targets without actually cutting their carbon.

Creating a new framework and getting all parties to agree with it could take a long time. So long that it may exceed the 2015 deadline assigned by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to reduce global emissions enough to avoid a 2C temperature rise.

Europe doesn’t have the clout quite stand up to the United States, which did not take part in any of the negotiations of the Kyoto.

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