LAST CHANCE: Nominate Someone For BI Advertising's '30 Under 30' List

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Advertising world: You have until Tuesday night to nominate someone who you think is one of the 30 most creative people in advertising UNDER 30.These are the people who don’t quite have their names on the door—if they do, all the more impressive—but will.

Advertising is all about staying relevant, and who better to create exciting new developments than the under 30 crowd?

Here’s the deal:

  • Email your nominees to [email protected] Include their age, agency, and examples of their work/explanation of why they deserve it.
  • If possible, send a picture our way as well.
  • If you’re nominating someone from your own company … or yourself … we ask that you include someone else from a rival agency to keep things fair. In fact, the more nominations the merrier. We promise that we won’t reveal who you nominated. Although we are asking for photos, don’t worry about sending headshots for rival creatives.
  • Send over your submissions by Tuesday, August 28. Email if any issues arise.

Help us appreciate the next generation of advertising bigwigs.

Need some inspiration?

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