Las Vegas gunman fired more than 200 rounds into the hallway outside his room as a security guard approached

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

As a security guard approached on Sunday night, Stephen Paddock shot “well over” 200 bullets into the hallway of the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

The security guard was the first individual to identify the shooter’s room and it’s “amazing” he survived said Sheriff Joseph Lombardo at Wednesday’s evening press briefing.

The security guard had been responding to customer’s calls about a shooting, which had begun at 10.05pm. One customer was a man who had served in the military and was able to identify that shots were coming from directly above his room that was towards the end of a hallway.

On the 32nd floor, noticing an ajar door, the security guard began approaching and was then hit by some of the hundreds of bullets Paddock fired into the hallway.

Police, who had been checking the 31st floor, arrived “in a matter of seconds” to find the security guard at 10.17pm, who was able to identify the shooter’s room.

Despite earlier reports that Paddock had cameras set up in the hallway and in his door’s peephole police now say the cameras weren’t in use at the time of the shooting.

A clear timeline has now been released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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