These are Las Vegas' best and worst case scenarios for the Mayweather-McGregor fight

There will be a ton of money at stake when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor enter the boxing ring today.

Not only will Mayweather and McGregor both likely walk away with nine-figures added to their net worth, the fight is currently on pace to break the all-time Vegas handle for a fight, and some experts have guessed the total amount of money bet in the state of Nevada could clear $US60 million ($AU76 million) and possibly even get as high as $US80 million ($AU101 million).

While casual bettors and professional gamblers alike will all have a stake in the fight, no group of people will have more at stake on the outcome than the bookmakers at the casinos in Vegas. By some estimates, a swing of $US48 million ($AU61 million) could come out of casinos coffers if McGregor pulls off his unlikely upset, but there are some scenarios that would hurt Las Vegas even worse.

Jay Kornegay, VP of Race and Sports Operations at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, made an appearance on SportsCenter on Friday morning to break down how the bookmakers are hoping the fight plays out. With regard to a good day for the casinos, Kornegay says “First of all, Mayweather to win. If he wins by KO, that’s the best case scenario, but we’ll take a decision.”

“The worst case,” Kornegay continues, “Is for McGregor to knock him out early, especially in that first round.” Many sportsbooks, Westgate included, are offering high odds for McGregor to score an early knockout, and confident bettors who heard and believed their fighter’s claim that he would knock Mayweather out inside of four rounds have been quick to take advantage. If McGregor turns this fight into anything close to his bout with Jose Aldo, Las Vegas would be crushed.

You can watch the whole segment below.

Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook odds are currently holding steady and Mayweather -550 / McGregor +400.

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