Here's What Larry Page Would Say If You Plugged In A Time Machine You Built For Google

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Wired has a big interview with Google CEO Larry Page. You should definitely read the whole thing.One of our favourite bits in the story is this description of what it’s like working for Page:

Of course, it can be challenging working for a boss whose dominant trait is dissatisfaction with the pace of progress. Astro Teller, who oversees Google X, the company’s blue-sky skunkworks division, illustrates Page’s proclivities with a parable. Teller imagines wheeling a Dr. Who time machine into Page’s office. He plugs it in and—it works! But instead of being bowled over, Page asks why it needs a plug. Wouldn’t it be better if it didn’t use power at all? “It’s not because he’s not excited about time machines or he’s ungrateful that we built it,” Teller says. “It’s just core to who he is. There’s always more to do, and his focus is on where the next 10X will come from.”

“10X” is a phrase Levy uses to describe the fact that Page wants everything to be 10X better, otherwise you’re not thinking big enough.

Read the whole thing at Wired →

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