Larry Page once tried to buy Twitter by whispering in Jack Dorsey's ear

If someone sat you down in a room, blinds drawn, and whispered an acquisition pitch in your ear, would you take it? No? Then you and Jack Dorsey have something in common.

In a new Vanity Fair piece, writer Nick Bilton describes a meeting between Larry Page, former Google CEO, and Jack Dorsey, Square CEO and former and current CEO of Twitter. Here’s how the — admittedly very creepy — meeting went down:

In 2011, when Google was working on Google Plus, Larry Page, its C.E.O. at the time, invited Twitter co-founder and current C.E.O. Jack Dorsey to the colourful Google campus to discuss a deal. Dorsey showed up and was escorted into a large conference room where, after a few minutes, Page emerged only to draw the blinds, sit eerily close to Dorsey, and whisper his acquisition pitch into his ear.

Apparently, Page wanted to acquire Twitter in order to integrate tweets into Google search results. Dorsey didn’t bite.

The anecdote is part of a larger piece speculating about the possibility of Facebook or Google buying Twitter. So if Google does attempt to buy the troubled social media company — and Bilton doesn’t think it will — it wouldn’t be Google’s first attempt.

Read the full story over at Vanity Fair>>.

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