Google's Larry Page Is Being Sued By A Painter Who Was Injured While Working On His Yacht

A painter who worked on a remodel of “Senses,” a 193-foot superyacht belonging to Larry Page, has filed suit against the Google CEO after suffering ongoing medical problems. 

According to documents filed in Alameda County Superior Court, painter James Grupinski experienced troubling symptoms including vomiting and bleeding from the eyes and ears while working 12-hour days aboard Page’s yacht. 

He claims that the yacht lacked proper ventilation and that his supervisor failed to provide him with the safety equipment he needed for his work. 

The suit, filed against Page, Modern Mud, and HF Interior on December 23, alleges that Grupinski was told by a supervisor to “drink some milk” and “stop being a baby” after he asked to be taken to the hospital.

He claims he collapsed on the deck after using Parks Pro Liquid Paint Stripper without the proper safety gloves or filters. That particular product was discontinued more than a decade ago because it contains highly toxic ingredients.

Grupinski says that he continues to receive medical treatment for seizures, neuropathy, neurotoxicity, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, supra-umbilical hernias, and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries he suffered. 

Page was not present during the alleged violations, which court documents say occurred in May 2014. Page purchased the Philippe Starck-designed “Senses” for $US45 million in 2011.

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