Larry Page Is Whipping Google Execs Into Shape With Daily Bullpen Sessions

larry page

Photo: AP

Larry Page isn’t taking over as Google CEO until next week, but he’s already mandating daily bullpen sessions with top managers on couches outside a boardroom in company headquarters.The Wall Street Journal reports that Page has held such sessions with product vice president Jonathan Rosenberg, engineering head Jeff Huber, YouTube boss Salar Kamangar, and top legal eagle Jeff Drummond.

The sessions take place in an open space in Google’s Building 43 in Mountain View, and are intended to give regular employees more access to top managers. Page has been known for his antisocial ways — a recent profile in Fast Company says he has often walked by employees who try to stop him for a chat.

The Journal also notes that Page has sent emails to managers asking them to describe what they are doing in 60 words or less, and may end up cutting some projects he doesn’t think are worthwhile.

Page is trying to cut red tape and speed decision making at the company. Earlier this year, reports said that Google is allowing more teams to operate independently, similar to how Max Levchin’s Slide — acquired by Google last year — is working as a virtual startup within the company.

Page will replace Eric Schmidt as CEO on April 1, as Schmidt moves to a new role overseeing the company’s relationships with customers, partners, and governments. Or maybe as President Obama’s new Commerce Secretary.

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