Larry Page Was Right, Facebook Is 'Doing A Really Bad Job On Their Products'

mark zuckerberg on phone 2

There’s no way around it — Facebook’s Android software “Home” is a flop.

Consumers have avoided HTC’s Facebook phone, and users aren’t flocking to download Home on their Android phones.

Home is a decent screen saver that gives you the News Feed in a new way. Other than that, it’s just not that good. It hides your apps and limits your phone.

The failure of Home reminds us of something Larry Page said earlier this year: Facebook is “doing a really bad job on their products.”

Page’s quote was part of a big Wired Interview. Here’s the full question and answer:

Wired: One area where people say that Google is indeed motivated by competition is the social realm, where in the past two years you have been working hard in a field dominated by a single rival, Facebook. That’s not the case?

Page: It’s not the way I think about it. We had real issues with how our users shared information, how they expressed their identity, and so on. And, yeah, they’re a company that’s strong in that space. But they’re also doing a really bad job on their products.

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