Google CEO Larry Page Is Talking At TED Right Now, And Everyone Is Freaking Out Over His Ideas

Google CEO Larry Page was on stage with Charlie Rose at the TED Conference.

We didn’t see a stream of his talk, but judging by Twitter, it was a doozy.

Page talked about the NSA, the future of transportation, curing disease, and why companies fail, just to name a few topics.

He says, “The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future.”

This is why Google is going full steam ahead working on a variety of projects.

“When we bought Android, it was small and I felt guilty working on it, but it was smart, it was the future,” he said.

Other interesting ideas: What if everyone made their medical records available for scientists to research? Keep your personal identity anonymous, but give researchers the data. Page thinks we could save 100,000 lives annually.

As for self-driving cars, Page says that the leading cause of death for people under 34 is car accidents. He believes automated cars would fix this. He also says that half of Los Angeles is parking lots and highways.

Finally, he says of technology, the more he learns, the more he realises he has so much to learn.

That kind of curiosity will keep Google burning for years to come.

Here are some of the tweets of his speech:

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