The King of NBA Dunks went full ‘Space Jam’ with a soaring alley-oop dunk

  • Larry Nance Jr. threw down yet another Dunk of the Year candidate on Thursday night against the Spurs.
  • The move helped the Lakers to a 93-81 victory, their third straight win after a rough stretch of games in recent weeks.
  • With yet another highlight-worthy slam, Nance Jr. is now a fan favourite and should likely make the Dunk Contest this All Star Weekend.

Larry Nance Jr. proved once again that he is the current King of Dunking in the NBA. Just a month removed from dunking Kevin Durant into the center of the Earth, Nance Jr. pulled off another unbelievable jam on Thursday night as the Lakers took on the Spurs in Los Angeles.

In the fourth quarter of a tight game, Nance stole a pass and started running the court with teammate Kentavious Caldwell-Pope following close behind. Running a fast break give-and-go, Caldwell-Pope threw his alley a bit too high, but Nance Jr. was able to reach all the way back to complete the oop.

It was carnage, and it sent the Staples Center into hysterics. The only time I’ve seen a dunk close to this was in the final scenes of “Space Jam.”

You can watch it for yourself below.

Just look at how long he is.

The dunk of course raised even more calls for Nance Jr. to be entered into the Dunk Contest this upcoming All Star Weekend.

The dunk was not only magnificent, but also helped the Lakers along to their third straight victory, beating the Spurs by a final score of 93-81. After a week filled with distractions from LaVar Ball’s adventures in Lithuania, the winning streak brought some welcome relief to Los Angeles after a few weeks of subpar play.

There are rumours that Nance Jr. is available to teams looking to trade as Los Angeles seeks to shed salary heading into the 2018-19 season, so if your team is in need of a talented forward with a knack for mind-melting dunks, you know who to call.