Larry King just revealed the hilarious method behind his random #itsmy2cents tweets

Larry King has revealed the method behind his hilarious #itsmy2cents tweets — he just blurts out all the thoughts in his head and his wife tweets them for the internet to enjoy. 

King is best known for his 25-year stint hosting “Larry King Live,” a CNN talk show. Though the show ended in 2010, King continues to share his signature sense of humour through Twitter, tweeting things like, “My middle name is BBQ.”

Last night King discussed his Twitter game with Conan O’Brien on “Conan,” the Daily Dot reports. 

“I sit down on Sunday nights and I stream out these thoughts,” King told O’Brien. “I don’t type them out, my wife sends them out.” 

When his wife’s not around, King dictates his tweets to voicemail. They’re then transcribed by an assistant who posts them to King’s Twitter account, @kingsthings, he has said.



King labels these Sunday twitter sessions with the hashtag #itsmy2cents. Often, they are simple questions and realisations that the average person wouldn’t even stop to consider. For example, here’s a tweet where King ruminates on a forgotten fashion trend. 


O’Brien highlights some of his favourites from King’s Twitter musings, including, “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a turnip,” and, “the rat is perfectly named.”

Here are a few more of King’s #itsmy2cents tweets:


You can check out King’s entire interview with O’Brien below. 

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