7 Interesting Things We Learned About Larry King From His Live Q&A On Reddit

larry king RedditLarry King’s IAMA on Reddit churned out meme generator LarryKingSaid.com.

Photo: larrykingsaid.com

The tables were turned on Larry King when fans were allowed to interview the former television and radio host for a change. Monday, King hosted a three hour IAMA on Reddit, allowing fans to ask questions ranging from his favourite films and interviews to his views on the current state of journalism, and the history behind the iconic suspenders.

One fan also went to the trouble of creating a generator at larrykingsaid.com out of Larry King‘s “proof” sign–King with the date and name of the Reddit page so readers knew it was indeed the talk show host answering them.

King also opened about his new online show on Hulu, “Larry King Now,” which debuted earlier this month and shared his thoughts on HBO’s “The Newsroom.” Verdict? He likes it.

Here are some highlights from his Reddit IAMA interview:

1. Marijuana should be legal:

edubbb: When do you predict marijuana prohibition to lift?

ImLarryKingLenny Bruce once said “Marijuana will be legal some day because every law student I know smokes it.”

It’s the next step after gay marriage. It should be legal. But you shouldn’t drive. I’ve asked police officers if one could be legal, marijuana or liquor, which would it be, and they all said Marijuana.

2. The suspenders weren’t his idea:

anonymous123421To add: why did suspenders become the “Larry King look?” What made you pick them as your signature?

ImLarryKingAfter my heart surgery I lost quite a bit of weight and my ex wife sharon asked me “why not try suspenders, it might be a good look.” I tried them, a few people called in to say they like them, and the rest is history.

3. On his new Hulu venture, “Larry King Now”:

SoCaFroalWhat are you most excited about in transitioning from traditional media to the Internet?

ImLarryKingSo far I like everything about it. It’s more relaxed, the setting is very informal, very relevant. When you get right down to it though, it’s still who, what, where, when, and why.

vcr99How was ora.tv started? What is Carlos Slim like? Do you talk about baseball? (He likes to memorize baseball players stats).

ImLarryKingCarlos Slim is a wonderful family man. Really a regular guy if that’s possible when you’re worth 76 Billion. The idea started with my wife shaun. We had many discussions with Carlos, it took a about a year to formulate. Carlos is a big Yankee fan. I asked him if he wanted to buy the dodgers he said no because you get too emotionally invested. He didn’t think the Dodgers are worth 2 Billion. I said if the dodgers arent worth 2 Billion what are the Yankees worth? He said 1 Billion.

4. On the state of journalism today:

Warlizard: Larry King!

  1. Where do you get those suspenders?
  2. Why is CNN tanking when it used to be the de facto place to get news?
  3. Do you believe Fox is really as bad as they are portrayed?



  1. All over, stores, people send them to me.
  2. I wouldn’t call it tanking. We’re in a very vitriolic time in this country. So channels like Fox and MSNBC with a POV attract followers. It’s hard for CNN to stay in the middle. When big stories break they get a large audience and they make a lot of money. I watch them, next to ESPN they would be my channel of record.
  3. They do what they do well. I don’t think they are as fair or balanced as they claim, but for what they do, they do it well.

jesusismygardenerHow do you feel about the trend in journalism towards sensationalism and getting the report first becoming more important than accuracy of facts? What, if anything, do you think can be done about this? 

ImLarryKingI don’t know that anything can be done about it in today’s mass media market. It is what it is. I don’t like it at all, but it is what it is.

5. He’s on board with “The Newsroom”: 

ImLarryKingI think that show is a pretty good reflection of a modern newsroom. Sam Waterston and Jeff Daniels nail it. While it depends to be a little wordy, people in a newsroom tend to be a little wordy. Very well done.

larry king thanks redditAfter the session, King tweeted the following picture from @KingsThings.

Photo: Twitter / @KingsThings

6. favourite, scariest, and dream interviews:politicaldanWho has been your favourite person to interview?

ImLarryKingIt’s impossible to say. I’ve done over 50,000 Interviews. I guess I would say Frank Sinatra only because he didn’t do interviews, and he was hard to get, but he did it because he liked me. It was a very personal and wonderful interview because I am such a fan of his.

NinjaDiscoJesus: Have you ever been scared interviewing someone?

ImLarryKingI was in prison on Rikers interviewing a mother and son convicted of killing someone. Sante Kimes and Kenny Kimes. The way the son looked at me, had I not been surrounded by guards, I think he would have kiled [sic] me.

dothefandangoObviously you’ve interviewed thousands of people of notoriety and esteem. Asking your favourite is near impossible, so I’ll ask this: If you had to interview someone you never got a chance to, who would it be?

ImLarryKingFidel Castro. No one led a country for more years than him. Politics aside he has been one of the most fascinating world figures.

7. This one speaks for itself: 

Neracca: What’s the hardest thing you had to do to get into your career? 

ImLarryKing: I had to leave New York to head to Miami with 11 dollars in my pocket and start knocking on doors.

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