Real Estate CEO On Crashed Plane Was Called The 'Patron Saint' Of Rochester

The real estate CEO whose company was linked to the small plane that crashed in Jamaica on Friday was called the “patron saint” of Rochester, New York for his extensive claim on the city’s skyline.

Tim Louis Macaluso of City Newspaper in Rochester profiled Larry Glazer, who owns Buckingham Properties, in July.

Glazer and his wife were on the plane Glazer owned when it crashed, his son confirmed. The plane became unresponsive over the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s what Macaluso wrote about Glazer just a couple of months ago:

Glazer’s company, Buckingham Properties, either owns, co-owns, or manages nearly 13 million square feet of real estate space, including some of downtown Rochester’s most iconic buildings: Midtown Tower, Xerox Square, and the Bausch and Lomb building.

Glazer, Buckingham’s CEO and managing partner, began the company in the late 1960’s when he partnered with a friend on a duplex. Now with 60 buildings in the Rochester area as well as projects in Florida, Buckingham is a rapidly growing, highly diversified real estate development company.

Glazer had big plans to improve downtown Rochester. One proposed development, dubbed “The Grove,” was slated to include retail space, a movie theatre, and possibly a hotel, according to City Newspaper.

He told the newspaper: “My vision starts with the idea that downtown can come back and it will be vibrant. It will be different than it was. But I’ve spent the last few years travelling around this country looking at downtowns, and I see what they have done. And I’m telling you that there’s no reason why Rochester can’t do it, too.”

Glazer founded Buckingham Properties in 1970, according to the company’s website.

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