Larry Fink Picks India For The Short-Term, China For The Long-Term

Laurence Fink Blackrock

On a visit to Mumbai, Blackrock’s Larry Fink told The Economic Times that India was his top pick for the next two years. After that he likes China.

“If I could only invest in one out of the two at this moment, then it would be India for at least next two years. But once China connects the hinterland and establishes connectivity between factories, then it may reach a level that is substantially faster than their current GDP,” said Fink.

Beyond the BRICs, Fink likes all emerging markets. Even Egypt:

“Egypt has tasted democracy, and it is a much more open society than many other North African and Middle Eastern societies. People are looking for faster, more robust change. People are looking for more openness. They are not having this revolution to say we want to move more backwards”

Fink’s least favourite region is Europe. U.S. equity falls somewhere in the middle.

Who do you pick in the race of the century: India or China?

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