BlackRock Chief Larry Fink Made $12.8 Million Last Year In Stock Alone

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink just got a nice pay bonus for work during 2010 — $12.8 million worth of stock to be exact.

Some of those funds are 46,031 in restricted shares for 2010 according to Bloomberg, worth about $9 million.

Another 18,712 are restricted shares he can sell in 2014.

That isn’t Fink’s total compensation for 2010, by the way. And last year he banked $15.9 million for 2009.

And with BlackRock making its biggest acquisition ever at the end of ’09 – it bought Barclays Global Investors – which more than doubled the PE giant’s AUM and definitely contributed last year’s profits being double than what it was in ’09, we’re guessing his total compensation this year will come close to that figure.

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