Larry Ellison’s Son Launches A Clothing Line Inspired By His Dad’s Hawaiian Island

Ellison Lanai collection 1

A couple of years ago billionaire software mogul Larry Ellison bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

The island inspired Larry to create a green energy paradise.

It inspired his son David Ellison to launch a new line of men’s clothing, called the “LANAI Collection.”

David is known for his sense of style, and for using his trust fund wealth to become a successful movie producer including “Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013), “World War Z” (2013) and “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”(2011). (Larry’s other offspring, daughter Megan Ellison, has become an uber successful movie mogul, too.)

David isn’t the designer of this new clothing line but he is the “founder and visionary,” a spokesperson for the line tells Business Insider. “He wanted to create a collection that was inspired by the spirit of the island and is designed for a new vanguard that moves between work, play and adventure without changing their nature, much like David himself.”

David ellison
David Ellison LA Times

This is a luxury brand with luxury brand prices, as the taste of a billionaire’s son would dictate: the clothes cost from $US70 (for a crew neck T-shirt) to $US295 (hoodie) to $US1,995 (Suede aviator jacket).

Neither Larry or Megan are involved with this collection. It is David’s alone, we’re told.

However Arnold Schwarzenegger will be wearing the LANAI collection in the new Terminator film J, produced by David’s movie company, Skydance.

Here’s a few pieces in the collection:

Ellison Lanai 3
David Ellison Lanai collection 4
David Ellison Lanai men’s clothing collection