Dear Larry Ellison: SAP Execs Have An Answer To Your Tweet That Disses Them

It’s been more than three months since Larry Ellison sent his one and only Tweet, a shot-across-the-bow at his old enemy SAP.

 He wrote:

Business Insider talked to SAP’s Sven Denecken, Vice President of Strategy for the cloud.

We asked Denecken about Ellison’s Tweet. he replied “How do you measure success in the cloud? I don’t think you measure success in cloud by the number of applications. We do have more than 20 applications in the cloud.”

Instead, he says “a good measurement is the number of users you support. We are now at 17 million,” with 15 million from SuccessFactors.

On top of that, he says SAP has said that it will hit $2 billion in revenue from its cloud by 2015, including acquisitions, “and to have profitability in the cloud business,” he said.

That’s a gutsy proclamation. In the first half of 2012, SAP booked €81 million or about $104 million in revenue from cloud subscriptions. 

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