Larry Ellison Bought An Island — Here's The Rest Of Planet Earth He Owns

Larry Ellison wine glass

Photo: AP

Larry Ellison is fabulously wealthy.And as wealthy people do, he spends a lot of his time buying a lot of extravagent things.

Yachts. Mansions. Golf courses.

And now Ellison has paid between $500 million and $600 million for 98 per cent of an island in Hawaii.

We’re still waiting to see what he’s doing with the island — hopefully it will be dinosaur related. But in the meantime, we’ve tracked down some of the rest of Larry Ellison’s ridiculous portfolio.

He has a gigantic mansion in Woodside, California.

His flagship mansion was styled to look like a feudal Japanese village. It has a two-acre man made lake.

The house is estimated to be worth about $110 million

He also owns a gigantic golf course.

Ellison owns a 249 acre estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif. known as Porcupine Creek. It includes a private golf course.

It only cost him $42.9 million.

He has a lot of beachfront property in California.

Ellison likes to buy big batches of properties in areas he likes, and then to build what he wants on those big land patches.

He reportedly spent $65 million on five beachfront properties in Carbon Beach, Malibu, for one compound in 2003. He bought one house just for the pool.

Those aren't the only mansions he owns...

Ellison is a known property junkie.

The Wall Street Journal has questioned whether he was America's 'most avid trophy-home buyer.'

But he did plan to offload one mansion late last year.

Ellison apparently decided to unload one of the properties he owns around Woodside, California, in October last year.

This property contains a main house, guest house, barn and beach volleyball court.

Larry Ellison is a pilot, and has good taste in planes.

Ellison is a pilot, too. He has an Italian Marchetti jet, which is said to be his favourite, among a vast collection of planes.

He once sued the City of San Jose after it cited him for too many late-night landings in violation of a noise control ordinance.

Ellison backed BMW Oracle Racing, the company that made the boat that won the 33rd Americas cup.

It's a 90-foot BMW Oracle sailboat. It was the first American syndicate to win the Americas cup since 1992.

He collects insanely expensive and rare cars, too.

Ellison is famous for owning a lot of rare, expensive cars, like the Acura NSX.

Among the best is the McLaren F1. The F1 was declared the fastest ever to hit the road in 1998.

Here's his old flagship yacht, the Rising Sun.

Ellison used to own the Rising Sun, currently the eighth largest yacht in the world. It was the fourth largest yacht when it was built.

Ellison reportedly spent more than $200 million to build Rising Sun, a 452-foot-long, five story tall yacht. It has jacuzzi bathrooms, a gym, a spa and salon, a wine cellar, a private cinema and a basketball court on the main deck that doubles as a helicopter pad.

He also owns and runs Oracle.

You might have heard of a company called Oracle.

It's one of the largest providers of enterprise software and hardware in the world, and it's worth about $140 billion.

Ellison has taken the company from a tiny startup to being one of the top enterprise companies in technology.

Now he owns an island!

Ellison revealed himself as the buyer behind Lana'i, a small island that's part of the state of Hawaii that was sale for between $500 and $600 million.

For a guy worth $36 billion, that's realistically not that much money.

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