Larry Ellison Graciously Stopped A Journalist From Being Tossed Out Of His Private Party

Larry Ellison Oracle

Flickr via Port of San Diego

Larry Ellison threw a big, private bash on Wednesday night to celebrate the run-up to the America’s Cup race that begins in July.

The highlight of the party was the premier of a documentary called “The Wind Gods: 33rd America’s Cup,” produced by Skydance Productions.

That’s Ellison’s son, David’s company. (Both of Ellison’s children are movie moguls. His daughter, Megan Ellison, was a producer for “Zero Dark 30.” Megan and David are also said to be working on a new “Terminator” movie. )

And because one-is-never-enough, the party also launched a new book that also documents Ellison’s America’s Cup win called “The Billionaire and the Mechanic,” written by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Julian Guthrie.

The party was a red carpet affair complete with multi-beam searchlights and an announcer, reports the San Francisco Business Times’ Patrick Hoge.

But our favourite story of the night was how Ellison prevented a Mercury News reporter from being tossed out because she tried to speak to him.

As the reporter was being forced out, a smiling Ellison intervened, reaching out and grabbing the security handler and demanding the reporter be released, pronto, Hoge reports.

Hoge didn’t name the reporter but we wonder if it was Merc enterprise beat reporter Julia Prodis Sulek who is also covering the America’s Cup. (We emailed and asked her and will update if we hear back.)

Sulek tweeted that night about talking to Ellison.

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