Larry Ellison Just Bought His TENTH Home On Malibu's 'Billionaire's Beach'

larry ellison

Photo: Oracle / flickr

Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison has bought yet another home in Malibu, making it his 10th purchase on Carbon Beach, according to The Los Angeles Times.Ellison bought the house from TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The house was not on the market, and no real estate agents were involved in the deal.

The price of Ellison paid hasn’t been revealed yet.

Ellison most likely wanted to snatch up the property because he already owns the houses on either side of Bruckheimer’s former residence. It’s no secret Ellison loves buying real estate. He made a $500 million deal earlier this year to buy an entire island.

His new pad has 70 feet of ocean frontage, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and spans 2,239 square feet.

The stretch of beach is known as “Billionaire’s Beach” for the wealthy people who live there, including entertainment mogul David Geffen, former Dodgers Chief Executive Jamie McCourt, and businessman Michael Milken.

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