Paul Reiser Tried To Steal Larry David’s Show, And Larry David Responded By Stealing Paul Reiser’s Wife


Everyone’s agog at Larry David‘s new relationship with actress Amy Landecker, who starred in an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” two weeks ago.

The reason?

Landecker was reportedly still married when they started dating.

We don’t find that real-life slight nearly as interesting as the robbery (to borrow a phrase from “Jersey Shore”) David pulled in real life.

Remember when Paul Reiser and NBC debuted the laughingstock ripoff “The Paul Reiser Show”?

It was by-the-book “Curb” — loosely improvised storylines, crotchety neuroses and a patiently sighing wife.

And said wife was played by — you guessed it — Landecker.

David to Reiser: you take my show, I’ll take your spouse.

Videos of Landecker opposite Reiser and David below.

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