Here's how Larry David ended up doing his brilliant Bernie Sanders impression on 'Saturday Night Live'

18 larry david bernie sanders.w1200.h630 998x524YouTube/Saturday Night LiveLarry David as Bernie Sanders on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

One of the highlights of watching “Saturday Night Live” during the current election season is witnessing Larry David’s spot-on portrayal of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

The performance is certain to go down as another amazing political spoof from “SNL.”

And it sounds like David didn’t need much convincing to do it.

In a recent interview with Vulture, “SNL” co-head writer Rob Klein said that everything was finalised in a matter of minutes during two conversations happening in different parts of Manhattan.

“While we were watching the debate, [writer] Sarah [Schneider] said, ‘Larry David should really play Bernie Sanders,'” Klein said.

Across town, “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels was having dinner with the host that week, Tracy Morgan, when someone said to Michaels, “Hey, you should really get Larry David to play Bernie Sanders. It’s like the same guy.” Michaels got back from dinner and answered a call from David’s agent saying that the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star wanted to play Bernie Sanders.

“We were all there in a late-night meeting, and within, like, 10 minutes, it went from ‘Oh, that would be so funny if it were Larry David,’ to ‘Larry David is on the phone with Lorne making a hotel reservation.’ It was pretty great,” Klein explained.

And though it might seem like all David had to do was throw on a suit and be “himself” to play Sanders, according to Klein, he spent some time watching Sanders to play the part.

“I did see him watching the event with Hillary and Bernie in Maryland,” Klein said. “People were hanging out in the room while he was watching it, and I remember… he was really getting into the subtleties of Bernie Sanders’ voice and mannerisms.”

David is the host of “SNL” this week, so expect some great Sanders material this Saturday.

Watch David’s first appearance on “SNL” as Sanders below:


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