YouTube Is Rewarding Its Most Popular Users With Gold

youtube gold button

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

YouTube is rewarding those who bring the biggest audiences to its site with a piece of gold.For the first time ever, the website is giving out gold-plated play buttons to any channels that surpass one million subscribers. 

Consider this the equivalent to the Hollywood walk of fame for YouTube.

In addition to the plaque, each recipient will receive a YouTube branded gift card for video equipment and a camera case. 

Another 1,400 channel owners that have surpassed 100,000 subscribers will receive a $500 YouTube gift card and camera case to help them reach the coveted one million subscriber mark.

YouTube plans to make this a quarterly event.  

The complete list of 78 recipients can be viewed here

Here’s 10 of the 2012 recipients passing one million subscribers:

1. Adam Thomas Moran
Page:  +100500 
Subscribers: 1,139,191

2. BlueXephos
Subscribers: 2,058,770

3. CaptainSparklez
Page: CaptainSparklez
Subscribers: 1,358,857

4. DeStorm
Page: DeStorm Power
Subscribers: 1,199,401

5. EminemVEVO
Page: EminemVEVO
Subscribers: 1,651,894

6. EpicMealTime
Page: EpicMealTime
Subscribers: 2,604,946

7. FPSRussia
Page: World of Tanks
Subscribers: 2,449,558

8. Fred
Page: Fred: The Show
Subscribers: 1,908,119

9. HouseholdHacker
Page: Household Hacker
Subscribers: 1,211,843

10. IGNentertainment
Page: IGN
Subscribers: 1,832,297

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