Gold Bugs Are Tea Party Supporters And People Who Are Underwater On Their Homes

CNBCs latest All-America Economic Survey of 800 Americans, showed that gold is the most preferred asset class among investors. 

35 per cent think gold is the best investment as of March 2013, down from 37 per cent last year. Real estate and stocks came in second and third respectively. 

But CNBC broke the data down further to see who the gold bugs are. 

This showed that those with underwater homes (when homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their home is worth), those with a high school education or less, those with under $50,000 invested, and the white working class were at about 40 per cent. 

Tea party supporters were at 45 per cent, and those who expect home values to decrease further were at 50 per cent.

Watch the video at CNBC:

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