Lara Croft Franchise Acquired By Legendary Gaming Co Square Enix


It’s a marriage made in heaven for Lara Croft.

Legendary Japanese game publisher Square Enix, the outfit behind the Final Fantasy series, is acquiring British game company Eidos and acquiring the rights to the Lara Croft IP.

The Japanese company spent about $120 million for Eidos, which also has the makings of a hit with great advance buzz for Batman-game “Arkham Asylum” due out later this year.

It’s hard to understate the peculiar and enduring loyalty Square Enix games have for millions of dedicated fans, with the company spending huge sums of money on most titles in anticipation of every one being a blockbuster. Great synergy there: A Square Enix take on Tomb Raider would bring millions of fans who have never played a Lara Croft game to the series, and could introduce Lara fans to Square Enix’s arty, high-budget, highly-stylised productions.

The move also means Lara’s more salacious admirers (try a google images search on “lara croft naked”) probably won’t see an M-rated Tomb Raider game, as previously rumoured.

To get a sense of what Square Enix is all about, check out the trailer of the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XIII: