LAPD To Realtors: Please Stop Flying Drones Over California

helicopter drone
The drones probably looked like this.

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Real estate agents are known for being some of the most enthusiastic, spirited salespeople in the country.But now the Los Angeles Police Department is saying they need to curb their latest sales tool:


The L.A. Times’ Andrew Blankstein reports that the Department has issued a warning to realtors using drones to shoot aerial footage of homes to make sure they abide by federal aviation regulations.

Unmanned aircraft (excepting some model planes) cannot be operated in U.S airspace without specific permission, the Times says.

The drones are slightly different from the Predator aircraft deployed in war zones. These drones have been described as more “spider-like” (which sounds equally frightening). The image above gives a good flavour.

Realtors have been using drones as an alternative to posting terrestrial photos or using a helicopter, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Southern California remains devastated by the housing crash: vacancies actually increased from Q2 to Q3 in 2011 in the Los Angeles and Riverside metro areas.

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