Los Angeles Police chief says bomb squad ‘likely miscalculated’ amount of fireworks in botched detonation that damaged blocks and displaced dozens

LAPD fireworks blast south central
  • LAPD Chief Michel Moore said the bomb squad miscalculated the weight of fireworks in a botched detonation.
  • The June detonation in South Central LA damaged multiple residential blocks and injured more than a doze.
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Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore apologized after a botched fireworks detonation by the Los Angeles Police Department in late June, which damaged several blocks in South Central LA and displaced dozens.

He said the bomb squad “likely miscalculated” the weight of the fireworks they were detonating.

“I want to personally express my apologies to everyone affected,” Moore said. “I am sorry that this occurred. Additionally, I acknowledge that there are many others traumatized by the blast.”

Moore added that officers “acted in good faith,” and that the amount of fireworks in the total containment vessel “likely exceeded” a safeweight. Moore said that officers eyeballed the weight of the fireworks and did not actually weigh them, as is protocol.

At least seventeen people were injured in the blast.

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