See The 9 Real People Who Replaced Models In The New Lanvin Campaign

Lanvin Fall Campaign 201218-year-old Rachel Trachtenburg is known for protesting Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Photo: Lanvin

Lanvin, the fashion brand founded by Jeanne Lanvin, is using real people instead of models in its fall 2012 campaign.Jezebel began the process of trying to identify the people—some of whom have outed themselves.

Many will remember Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty, but this is a bit different. While Dove used “ordinary” real people, many of the  Lanvin folk are connected to the world of fashion.

This is Sudanese DJ Mari Malek.

Via her Twitter bio: 'An Inspirational Goddess. Mari Malek aka DJ Stiletto is a Model/DJ and Philanthropist. First South Sudanese Female DJ.'

Rachel Trachtenburg has her own Wikipedia page.

The first sentence of which describes the 18 year-old, as 'American musician, radio personality, model, singer, political and animal activist and actress from New York City.' As noted by Jezebel, she is signed to Elite New York, a modelling agency.

New Yorker Tziporah Salamon made her debut at 62.

While the man on the left is still unidentified, on the right is Tziporah Salamon, according to Advanced Style, 'a well known personal stylist, fashion consultant, and performance artist living in New York.'

And there's drag queen Stella Rose.

Stella Rose blogged about her selection and indicated there are 12 faces of the Lanvin campaign.

Jacqueline Murdock used to be a dancer at the Apollo.

The 82 year-old had tears running down her face throughout the photoshoot because of an allergic reaction.

We still don't know who this is.

Or this man.

And this man.

For last year's campaign, Lanvin made models dance to Pitbull.

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