Langone Dodges Last-Minute Madoff Con

Home Depot billionaire and Eliot Spitzer nemesis Kenneth Langone apparently used his spidey-sense to escape Bernie Madoff’s final desperate attempt to save his Ponzi scheme:

The WSJ: Shortly before Thanksgiving, Mr. Langone, a prominent New York investor, and a business partner, Steve Holzman, visited Mr. Madoff at the suggestion of friends, according to two people familiar with the meeting. Mr. Langone was told that Mr. Madoff was raising assets for a new fund, and before the meeting, his office was sent a 19-page pitch-book.

At the meeting, in Mr. Madoff’s Manhattan offices, Mr. Madoff said he was raising money for a new investment vehicle, between $500 million to $1 billion for exclusive clients. He said he was moving quickly on the venture and wanted an answer by the following week, a person familiar with the meeting said. Messrs. Langone and Holzman demurred.

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