PHOTOS: This Old German Power Station Has Been Transformed Into An Awesome Adventure Park


Photo: Thomas Berns via Landschaftpark Duisburg

The Ruhr Valley, Germany. A dilapidated heap of rust harking back to Germany’s heavy industrial days.But not everything is what it seems. 

Openedn 1994, the Landschaftpark (translation: Landscape Park) Duisburg-Nord has breathed new life into the ruins of an old power plant, converting it into an adventure park that even incorporates natures beauty to make it a hit. 

Alongside it’s climbing facility, high-rope adventure park and playgrounds, the facility also boasts a 24-hour scenic park with viewing decks.

There are over 450 different types of plant surround the sight making it both naturally beautiful and a triumph of rejuvenation. For more on the sites immense history check out David Sharp’s tour of the site over at The Local >

This is what the power station looked like before. Derelict, drab, disgusting...

But it has undergone something of a transformation.

Don't look down!

Here's more of the high rope course.

Outside, there's a climbing park.

Seemingly there's room for everyone!

What's housed inside this old gasometer?

Ah! A purpose built scuba diving pool. Of course.

This is a pretty cool kids playground. Have a look at that slide.

And there's also a viewing deck to look over the rejuvenated site.

Very swish.

Much of the sight is now covered in trees and undergrowth allowing it to serve as a park.

And at night, it's time for the lights!


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