Today Is The One-Year Anniversary Of The Greatest Sports Moment Of Your Lifetime

Where were you on June 23, 2010?

If you’re an American with even a passing interest in World Cup soccer, you were probably gathered around a TV somewhere watching the United States take on Algeria, needing a crucial victory in the final match of group play to advance to the knockout round.

Things did not look good for the Yanks. Then this happened:

Yes, today is the one-year anniversary of Landon Donovan’s dramatic goal that forever altered the course of American history. (And maybe a few landmasses, too.)

Just a friendly reminder (courtesy of NCAA compliance officer John Infante, aka @BylawBlog) as we try to get through these sports doldrums. So where were you…?

UPDATE: Here’s what happened in the (old) Business Insider World Headquarters, one year ago today.

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