Landmarks around the world are lighting up rainbow colours in response to the Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub

The world is uniting in response to the Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub on Saturday with landmarks lighting up and flying the rainbow flag.

The shooting in Florida which left 50 people dead is considered the deadliest in US history with more than 50 injured after suspected gunman, 29-year-old Omar Mateen barricaded himself and opened fire at civilians in the middle of the night.

ISIS-linked news agency Amaq News claimed responsibility for the attacks saying it was the work of “a soldier of the caliphate”.

Sydney’s Town Hall was also showing its solidarity by flying the rainbow flag.

“Our hearts break for Orlando – today we are flying the rainbow flag above Sydney Town Hall,” wrote Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney on Facebook.

“Around the world, places like Pulse are a refuge and a solace to their tight knit communities — I’m horrified and appalled by the ugly evil violence that’s caused this attack on the gay community.

“Today we stand with the strong LGBTIQ community in Orlando and the US, in Sydney, and across the globe.”

In a doorstop today, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said that “we cannot be complacent. There are people outside our country and some within it, who hate the freedoms that we enjoy and would seek to threaten them and undermine them with violence.”

The Town Hall was lit up pink last night.

The flag joins other major buildings including the One World Trade Centre, Trevi Fountain and Tel Aviv City Hall.

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