Even Landfills Don't Want Fracking Fluid Waste

fracking well

Photo: Flickr/eggroll

Two Kansas landfills near a fracking site have declined to take in the drilling fluid waste, citing a blanket ban on liquids that cannot be contained. Gale Rose from The Pratt Tribune in Pratt, KS writes the Pratt County landfill rejected an unnamed drilling company’s proposal after a nearby landfill with more advance control precautions, like a protective liner, also said no.

“If they (nearby Reno County) have concerns about it I definitely have concerns about it,” Dean Staab, director of Environmental Services for Pratt County, told Rose.

The fluid is actually a mud, Rose reports. If it were to be delivered dry, the landfills would consider storing it, she said.  

Meanwhile New Jersey last week voted to ban the transport of fracking wastewater into the state. 

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, a Democrat who’s one of the measure’s sponsors, said in a statement that allowing fracking waste to come into New Jersey is too risky for public health.

“Given the relative newness of this practice, the total damage inflicted during and after drilling is still unknown,” Huttle said. “But the evidence is already mounting that fracking comes with serious environmental consequences.”

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