Landed the Job? Your Work’s Not Over Yet

For many of us, landing a job seems like the hard part. However, what happens when you finally nab your dream career? Think all your tireless work is finally over? Probably not. 

There may be some things you always have to keep up with, even if you stay with the same company for years. Why? Well, your employer may continue to monitor you, a potential client could look you up, or you may want to look for another job in the future. Don’t leave the work to the last minute. 

Here’s a few things to keep up with:

Online presence. Your online presence is like the new background check for employers. If you have a heavy, positive presence, many employers will probably look at you favourably. If you don’t, you may get looked over. Even if you’ve landed a job, it’s still important to keep up with your presence. How? Monitor your Facebook profile, try to update your LinkedIn status or profile often, create a Vizibility SearchMe link, tweet as much as you can, or even maintain a strict blogging schedule. That way, you will still look good if someone looks you up. 

Networking. Networking may be one of the top ways people find a job, but does it have to stop once you land a career? Of course not. Networking is good for multiple reasons, not just getting what you want, like learning from leaders in your field and meeting those that can help you with a personal project. Make it a point to try and network as often as possible, even if your professional career is pretty stellar. It may be the boost you need in the future. 

Portfolio. Your portfolio is important, whether you have a job or not. Why? A portfolio is the concrete evidence an influencer needs to believe you are legitimate. For example, say your current boss calls you into their office and asks you to evaluate your own progress. You can whip out your online or offline portfolio and show them your current work samples, reassuring them that you’re an asset. Try not to be caught off guard. You never know when you’re going to be evaluated. 

Resume. Just like your portfolio, your resume should be updated to reflect your latest accomplishments. Think about including measurable achievements, like the number of clients acquired, percentage of sales increased based on your efforts, awards won, etc. Further, it may be difficult to remember every single success story months after it happened. Your accomplishments happened for a reason; be sure to record them so present and future influencers can admire them. 

Reputation. It goes without saying that your reputation is important, online and offline. Maintaining it, however, is a different story. Just because you landed your dream job doesn’t mean you can post lewd pictures on Facebook. Conversely, even though you may be employed, it doesn’t give you a reason to talk badly about people at the water cooler. Not many employers or influencers want to be connected with someone with a bad reputation. So, just as you were careful with yourself when unemployed, use the same mentality once you get the job. Your reputation will thank you. 

What activities do you continue to perform after landing a job?

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