Here's the first trailer for the new Lance Armstrong biopic called 'The Program'

A new international trailer for the highly anticipated biopic about fallen sports icon Lance Armstrong is out.

“The Program,” directed by Stephen Frears and starring Ben Foster as Armstrong, opens in Germany on October 8 before hitting other countries, The Playlist reports.

As noted by The Playlist, the German-language trailer gives us a good idea what the movie will be like. Watch the first trailer for “The Program” below:

This is what director Frears had to say about the film, as reported on ING, via The Film Stage:

“In terms of how [Lance Armstrong] conducted his behaviour, he’s discussed how he’s made his mistakes, and whether or not he can make good on them now is not for me to decide. In terms of his athletic ability, there aren’t many like him. That’s a combination of focus,” Foster said last year. “It’s as much will as being a physical body. He’s one of the greatest athletes that’s ever lived. He came up in a time of doping, and it’s my opinion, if you look at the statistics, you have to go down 17 or 18 guys for those seven years retroactively, at least, to find a clean rider. So it wasn’t EPO [Erythropoietin] that made Lance the greatest cyclist. It was something far bigger. How he handled that ability, how he handled his will, that story’s not over yet.”

Here’s a translation for the German promo copy for the film, via The Film Stage:

He was one of the biggest sports heroes of our time: Lance Armstrong has revolutionised in the nineties with his team the sport of cycling, he won seven times alone in the Tour de France. With his fight against cancer, he became the charismatic icon of millions. But then the truth of his success is revealed: The sports journalist David Walsh covers a system of lies and cheating on … After “The Queen”, director Stephen Frears focuses again a cult figure of the present and shows how close greatness and megalomania often to each other. A fascinating portrait with US actor Ben Foster as Armstrong worthy of an Oscar occupied.

The US Anti-Doping Agency, or USADA, stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour titles in October 2012. In its “Reasoned Decision,” USADA said that evidence against Armstrong showed beyond any doubt that the US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team, with Armstrong as its leader, “ran the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”

Before he got caught for doping, Armstrong was considered by many to be the greatest cyclist in the history of the sport, which historically had been largely dominated by Europeans.

Before Armstrong, no cyclist had ever won more than five Tours. That Armstrong, a cancer survivor, won seven Tours in a row captured the attention of the entire world. The three-week Tour de France is the world’s largest annual sporting event.

The sport made Armstrong a multimillionaire and brought him fame. His net worth, according to The New York Times, was estimated at $US125 million in 2012.

In August 2014 he told Dan Patrick that he still believed he won those seven Tours but no longer wore a Livestrong bracelet. In December 2014 he crashed his SUV into two parked cars in Colorado and left the scene without contacting police. His girlfriend, Anna Hansen, tried to take the blame, telling Aspen police she wanted to keep his name out of national headlines.

In February, Armstrong was ordered to pay back $US10 million in Tour de France prize money.

More to come …

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