Do You Still Believe Lance Armstrong? [POLL]

Lance Armstrong

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If you haven’t already seen the 60 Minutes investigation of Lance Armstrong, go do it now. It’s a must watch.Former teammate Tyler Hamilton spilled his guts on the shady world of international cycling, saying that he saw Lance Armstrong use performance enhancing drugs, that Armstrong encouraged him to do the same, and the Armstrong even supplied him with drugs and doctors to improve his own performance.

Even worse, Hamilton says that Armstrong admitted to him that he had a failed a drug test in 2001, but that Armstrong’s team and supporters made it “go away.”

It was pretty damning testimony. And even though Hamilton is a user himself, he made it clear that drug use and doping is rampant across the cycling world. He said he would bet his life that every team and major rider had their own doping program.

Armstrong continues to deny all the charges, but at least three former teammates agree with Hamilton and have accused Lance (and cycling) of playing dirty.

So even if Lance Armstrong had passed every test with flying colours, is it reasonable to think that he could have won the most difficult endurance race in the world, against a field of top athletes who were all using blood doping techniques? Seven times?

Armstrong still has plenty of supporters in the media and the public. We want to know if anyone is still buying his story: