Lana Del Rey Kisses Death In New 'Blue Jeans' Video

Photo: Blue Jeans screenshot

The first, homemade video for “Blue Jeans” was released to the wrath (or admiration) of the world’s music bloggers way back in September, but somewhere in the intervening months, Lana Del Rey decided that she needed a new and improved visual representation of the love-it-or-hate-it single.In the professionally-made video for “Blue Jeans”, Del Rey pouts and swims in what seems like a perfectly nice swimming pool, but, as indicated by the dramatic black and white colour filter, is actually a very dangerous swimming pool. In the music clip, the controversial songstress ends up in the water with the tattooed guy from the “Born to Die” video (who seems to be becoming her regular video BF) and some Versace-for-H&M-looking crocodiles.

Clearly, a happy ending is not in the cards.

This post originally appeared at Stylecaster.

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