Here's Everything We Know About The Lamborghini We've All Been Waiting For

LamborghiniIt screams speed and technology.

Lamborghini has provided additional information on the high-tech LPI-910-4 Asterion plug-in hybrid the company unveiled last week at the Paris Motor Show.

So far, the Asterion plug-in hybrid is listed as a “technology demonstrator,” so expect the production version — should the car actually make it to production — to have some significant differences from car introduced this week. However, the hybrid drivetrain should serve as the basis for this and other future Lamborghini models.

LamborghiniThe rear end looks fantastic!

Although it’s still a pre-production show car, here’s what we know about the Asterion’s high-tech features:

At the heart of the Asterion is a 5.2 liter 610hp mid-mounted V10 from the company’s Huracan supercar. In addition, the tech demonstrator is armed with three electric motors that produce an additional 300 hp.

LamborghiniPretty silhouette.

In total the Asterion’s hybrid drive system brings 910 hp to table. The result is 0-60mph in a neck-snapping 3 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. Environmentally sensitive members of the Lamborghini fan club will be glad to know that the Asterion can travel up to 31 miles and hit up to 78 mph solely on electric power.

LamborghiniTake a look inside.

Inside the cabin, the Asterion is a departure from Lamborghini’s recent line of raw enthusiast-centric concept cars. Instead of bare carbon fibre panels and spartan racing seats, this Lambo is designed for everyday comfort.

The interior features an amalgam of leather, carbon fibre and even some titanium accents on the Miura-inspired steering wheel. Speaking of the steering wheel, drivers can choose between three different operating mode — full electric, “Ibrido” or hybrid, and “Termico” thermal for full power.

The Asterion’s GPS and infotainment can be controlled by an in-car portable tablet — or via the the center console controls.

LamborghiniNice view of the cabin.

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