This Is The Lamborghini We've All Been Waiting For

Lamborghini AsterionERIC PIERMONT/AFPThe belle of the ball.

Behold! Lamborghini just unveiled its jaw-dropping 910 horsepower plug-in hybrid Asterion supercar.

Officially known as the Asterion LPI-910-4, the newest design — introduced this week at the Paris Motor Show — by the famed supercar maker will mark Lamborghini’s official entry into the hybrid revolution.

As nuts as that may seem, Lamborghini chief executive Stephen Winkelmann believes the move towards hybrids is all but inevitable, according to BBC’s Ultra-high-performance hybrid supercars have been all the rage lately. Everyone from McLaren to Ferrari, and even Porsche, have embraced the concept.

Not to mention the fact that hybrid powertrain prototype racers have been virtually unbeatable for the past decade at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.

Lamborghini AsterionERIC PIERMONT/AFPInsane and yet oddly practical

Lamborghini has hinted in the days leading to the reveal that the production Asterion may be a four-seater or as they put it in the teaser the company sent to Business Insider: Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it. However, the company did not mention the four-seat layout in the latest information released to the press. Regardless, should the Asterion become a four-seat hybrid hypercar, it would truly be unlike anything on the market today.

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